What is RF Beauty

Radiofrequency cosmetology, as a kind of the latest high-tech cosmetology technology, few people have a thorough understanding of it. What is RF Beauty?

RF RF Beauty technology is a new non-surgical and quasi medical beauty method. It is another popular wrinkle removal project after IPL photon beauty. At first, it appeared as a more “healthy” substitute for facial enhancement surgery, and now the most commonly used is facial enhancement nursing. RF wave directly penetrates the skin and heats the tissue, which can make the tissue closer, tighten the deep subcutaneous tissue and tighten the skin, so as to improve the sagging or loose face without damaging the skin. It is considered by medical experts to be the best non-surgical wrinkle removal method in the world. This technology has passed FDA certification. RF RF cosmetology is often combined with IPL photons, collagen injection and other methods. In order to better solve facial problems, it may also be combined with cosmetic surgery.

Although there are a lot of radiofrequency beauty, but everyone’s physique is different, there will still be individual complications, so how should we care at this time?

  1. Oral antiviral drugs, broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungal drugs to prevent infection.
  2. If the patient is found to have significant edema during the operation (often found around the orbit), dexamethasone 10mg can be used after the operation, or short-term oral corticosteroids can reduce the postoperative swelling.
  3. At present, biological synthetic semi permeable dressings or traditional dressings that can reduce postoperative symptoms are mostly used at home and abroad, which is called closed method. It can also be a simple local application of antibiotic ointment, which is called open therapy. No matter what method is used, it should have good absorption of wound exudation and moisturizing function, so as to make the wound heal faster and reduce the postoperative pain.
  4. In order to relieve the immediate postoperative pain, gauze soaked with 2% lidocaine can be applied externally.

Follow the guidance of the doctor after operation. 5.

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