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Treatment of spinal cord injury with electrical stimulation after spinal cord injury

History: the patient was a 24-year-old male who fell from a height of 10 meters 5 years ago, resulting in 1 spinal cord injury in the waist. He had internal fixation decompression.

At present, shallow sensation decreases below 3 fingers on the umbilicus, deep sensation decreases on the sole of the foot, skin temperature decreases, 2cm black ulcer can be seen on the sole of the foot, and multiple ecchymosis spots can be seen on the outside of the lower leg; Exercise: walking with a single crutch, serious lack of activity of both ankles, muscle strength of gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior muscle grade 1; Bladder function: the end stage of urination is indifferent and urinary retention is about 15ml *. Irregular stool, 3 times a week; Sexual function decreased seriously.

Diagnosis: sequelae of spinal cord injury; Deep and shallow dysfunction; * mild urinary retention; Sexual dysfunction

After admission and examination, we communicated with the patient and his family members for spinal cord electrical stimulation, and agreed. In the preliminary spinal cord electrical stimulation test, the electrode was placed at the chest 11 position. 6 hours after operation, the patient felt numbness in both lower limbs, from the umbilical plane to the toes.

10 days after the test, the skin temperature of both lower limbs improved and the area of plantar ulcer decreased. Implantable pulse transmitters are required by patients and their families. One month after operation, the effect was satisfactory, the patient’s sexual function was improved, the erectile frequency and hardness were increased, the plantar ulcer healed, the deep and shallow function was restored, and the walking ability was improved.

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