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The effect of laser eyebrow removal surgery has won public opinion, and the postoperative effect is commendable

It can be seen that the importance of eyebrows in people’s face. Now the overall beauty of eyebrows is not obviously important, but it is an indispensable element of the face. Eyebrow removal can perfectly solve this situation.

The shape of eyebrows has a great impact on the shape of the face. A good-looking eyebrow shape can add a touch of beauty to the face. Messy eyebrows are the trouble of many people. Taking off eyebrows is a great convenience for women who love beauty in their daily life. At present, laser depilation is a popular way of depilation. Can laser depilate a good eyebrow shape?

Is the effect of laser eyebrow removal ideal?

Laser eyebrow removal uses the melanin cells in the hair follicle to absorb the light of a specific wave band to make the hair follicle generate heat and selectively destroy the hair follicle. At the same time, the emitted heat can be transmitted to the deep part of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair stem, so as to rapidly increase the temperature of the hair follicle, so as to achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue.

Laser eyebrow removal can achieve permanent hair removal for most skin types after several treatments. The specific number of treatments is related to many factors, such as the type of skin and hair. The doctor will provide you with the treatment plan suitable for you and the estimated number of times you need treatment. Clinical research results show that satisfactory hair removal effect can be achieved after multiple treatments.

Is laser eyebrow removal OK?

Laser hair removal is a wonderful way to remove too many hair problems in all parts of the body, such as armpit hair, leg hair, lip hair, and even to help hair loss, hairline, eyebrows, etc., so that the hair can be completely removed and no longer appear.

In fact, taking off the surplus hair on the eyebrows after laser hair removal is a very good “eyebrow trimming” trick. According to the principle of selective photothermal action, laser depilation revolutionizes the use of laser depilation equipment to implement cold anesthesia on the skin, and uses the melanin cells in the hair follicle to absorb the light of specific wave band to produce photopyrolysis reaction, which gently inactivates the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, destroys the hair nipple in the hair follicle and does not damage the skin, so as to achieve the result of sexual depilation.

Moreover, the use of laser hair removal for “eyebrow trimming” is still a very gentle trick to achieve painless results in the whole process. The sapphire touch cooling system maintains a 4-degree sapphire touch cooling system in the diagnosis and treatment project, which makes the skin feel cool, safe and comfortable in the diagnosis and treatment project.

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