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Talk about hair removal

Permanent depilation needs to destroy the hair follicle stem cells in the eminence of the outer hair root sheath and / or the dermal papilla at the base of the hair follicle. These non pigmented targets are far away from the melanin groups of colored hair stems. In order to damage non pigmented targets, heat needs to diffuse from pigmented parts to the surrounding. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to use high-energy and millisecond pulses with red to infrared wavelengths in the spectrum to penetrate deep into the dermis and be selectively absorbed by melanin. Ruby, Alexandrite, semiconductor and Nd: YAG laser can be used for hair removal. However, due to the lack of melanin groups, these lasers have poor effects on golden and white hair.

Due to the similar absorption spectrum between epidermis and melanin in hair follicle, there is a risk of epidermal damage in laser hair removal. Light must first pass through the pigmented epidermis to reach the hair follicle. Skin cooling is necessary for safe hair removal treatment, which is particularly important for patients with dark skin. The mechanism of temporary hair loss is to induce hair to enter the degenerative phase. The mechanism of permanent hair loss is relatively realized through two different ways:

  1. Minimize the number of terminal hairs that can produce filiform hairs;
  2. Using a pulse width of 20ns or longer is the complete degradation of hair due to fibrosis. It should be noted that compared with permanent hair loss, temporary hair loss can be achieved by using a laser with lower energy and longer pulse width. For example, it has recently been reported that domestic 810nm semiconductor laser or strong pulse light source can temporarily reduce colored terminal hair, and the curative effect is reliable.

In recent two years, the popular freezing point hair removal semiconductor laser in China has better reduced the pain of patients, and the effect is acceptable, but the repetition rate is high, and doctors and patients are less satisfied with the long-term effect. In fact, this is a temporary hair loss effect. The latest duet semiconductor hair removal system is very characteristic. Through negative pressure suction, the skin is stretched and thinned and the hair follicle is close to the skin surface, which is conducive to energy transmission, so as to reduce the emission energy density and reduce the pain and discomfort of patients. The design of large light spot treatment handle can improve the treatment speed. Some authors used this system to treat five male patients, and compared it with the traditional contact cooling small spot semiconductor laser. The results show that the new duet system has faster treatment time, high comfort and better effect. However, its long-term efficacy needs more clinical observation.

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