Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Soft skin laser spot removal without trace and residue

Skin softening laser to traceless speckle removal technology is a non-invasive speckle removal and rejuvenation technology designed for Asians, which is developed by skinperfect and the Institute of optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Modern medical cosmetic treatment not only emphasizes effectiveness, but also pays more attention to safety.

The core of the skin softening laser traceless speckle removal technology is a high degree of targeted selectivity. Taking fully into account the characteristics that Asians’ colored skin is easy to retain color and sink, the technical parameters of the equipment are precisely designed, so as to intelligently select the treatment tissue at a fixed point in the treatment process without affecting the surrounding non treatment tissue. The principle of its treatment of pigmented lesions is: under the action of instantaneous high-energy laser, The laser energy can be absorbed by the pigment particles in the skin to melt and break the pigment particles, and the cell framework can be completely retained. In the subsequent inflammatory reaction process, the particle debris is swallowed by phagocytes, and the tissue can be quickly repaired on the basis of a relatively complete cell framework.

During the treatment, its targeting determines that the laser energy only destroys the chroma particles or pigment cells, while the adjacent normal cells are not destroyed, so the possibility of injury and scar is minimized. The treatment time is short and the pain is small. Because this technology integrates the advanced cell repair course with the whole treatment process scientifically, the possibility of postoperative blackening is avoided to the greatest extent, So as to truly realize the perfect unity of the effectiveness and safety of treatment.

The whole treatment process can not only remove the deeper pigment, but also stimulate the regeneration of cellular collagen, make the skin delicate, firm and shiny, and improve the coarse pores and small wrinkles.

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