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High Quality

All products use medical-grade electrical accessories and comply with CE FDA safety factory standards 

Good Reputation

Facilisi moFull-process professional engineer guidance service, training video tutorials and face-to-face explanations in multiple languages


Strong OEM&ODM R&D and design capabilities, including product functions, circuits, electrical appliances, appearance, and software

100% After-Sales Service

Congue quisqIncluding after-sales equipment use training, equipment maintenance and repair services


Home Delivery


Happy People


Tons of Goods


Tree Plant

What’s Our Clients Say

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Nadine Berger

Fashion Designer

The electrical muscle stimulator produced by HRMORA is very effective and very easy to use

Robert Berger


The muscle stimulator I bought was recommended by my friend. The HRMORA brand is quite well-known, and the price of the product is relatively cheap, so it is worth buying

Pascal Haas


HRMORA ems muscle stimulator machine is very effective to use. It is completely good after two to three use. It is recommended to buy

Carmen Haas


HRMORO electrical muscle stimulation machine high quality and low price