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RF cosmetology principle

Principle of RF cosmetic technology:

RF RF cosmetology releases RF energy, which can act directly on the dermis through the skin epidermis and generate heat directly from the body. When the heat energy of the dermis reaches 60 ℃, the collagen fibers will shrink immediately, stimulating the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gap of shrinking and lost collagen. With the continuous regeneration and rearrangement of collagen in the dermis, the soft scaffolds of the skin will appear, the wrinkles will be flattened, and the sagging skin will become full Compact and elastic.

Scope of RF cosmetic treatment:

RF RF cosmetology, as a new cosmetology technology, has the advantages that other cosmetology technologies do not have. Its scope of application mainly includes:

Face lifting, neck tightening and wrinkle removing, eye wrinkle removing, skin tightening, smooth and tender skin, remove true and false wrinkles, improve skin metabolism, anti-aging of the whole body, repair stretch marks, remove excess hair, etc.

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