Introduction of deep brain electrical stimulation

Deep brain electrical stimulation surgery was developed in the 1970s. In 1987, Professor benabid of France first used DBS to stimulate ventrolateral thalamic nucleus to treat tremor of Parkinson’s disease, and achieved success, opening a new era in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. DBS passed the European CE standard in 1993 and was approved by the US FDA to enter the US market in 1997. Hospital took the lead in developing this technology in China under the initiative of Academician Wang Zhongcheng in 1998. At present, more than 300 operations have been completed and good results have been achieved. DBS surgery is to implant stimulation electrodes into the patient’s brain through neurosurgery, and then carry out in vitro regulation through intelligent computer to rebalance the brain’s neural function, so as to control the symptoms of dyskinesia. The process of this operation is safe, rapid and intuitive. The patient remains awake all the time, and the operation effect is immediate. DBS surgery has the advantages of non-destructive, reversibility, adjustability, less side effects and complications. It can achieve the best control of symptoms through parameter adjustment and is effective for a long time. The dosage of levodopa after operation can also be significantly reduced, which can be reduced by 60% according to foreign reports. It is generally believed that surgery can be considered when suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than 5 years, the efficacy of drugs decreases or the increase of drugs does not significantly improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and there are side effects of drugs, such as “on-off” phenomenon, end of dose phenomenon and dyskinesia, so as to relieve the pain as soon as possible.

In addition to treating Parkinson’s disease, DBS surgery is now also used to treat “dyskinesia” such as idiopathic tremor and delayed dystonia. Temple of Heaven hospital also has rich experience and good treatment effect in this regard. What is more gratifying is that according to recent studies at home and abroad, DBS surgery also has a bright prospect in the treatment of severe epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, migraine and the awakening of “vegetative people”. It is believed that this internationally recognized most advanced, safest and most effective treatment method can relieve the pain of more patients.

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