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How long is the course of RF beauty treatment?

For white-collar women, time is money. Before they want to do RF Beauty, they will care about how long the course of treatment is.

The course of radiofrequency cosmetology varies according to age, skin degree and patient constitution.

Under normal circumstances, a course of radiofrequency cosmetology is 3-6 times. In the general treatment process, the beauty doctor will decide the personalized treatment course according to the needs, objectives and specific conditions of each patient. Usually, the affected part is treated in several areas, one area for 15-20 minutes each time, with an interval of about one month. Most people’s first treatment will obviously have the effect of tightening and improving the skin, and the skin will gradually improve over time. In 2-6 months, it can get the lasting effect of improving and tightening the skin.

Radiofrequency cosmetic method is a commonly used wrinkle removal method for beauty lovers at present. Because this operation method will not have any pain, it is a very popular wrinkle removal method. But does RF Beauty have any side effects?

Radio frequency cosmetic technology is becoming more and more popular now. Pixel laser uses a new thermodynamic model of skin tissue and unique segmented photosensitive thermal remodeling technology, which has mild curative effect, safety and comfort. Many friends who don’t know pixel laser want to know the side effects of pixel laser. Pixel laser is very safe and effective, and there will be no side effects of pigmentation.

See if the side effects of RF Beauty technology exist

The side effects of RF Beauty technology do not exist. The 2940nm wavelength of pixel laser can go deeper into the skin dermis, produce thermal effect, stimulate the reorganization of subcutaneous collagen fibers, inhibit oil secretion, and make the regenerated skin as soft, smooth and elastic as shelled eggs. One time instant effect is equivalent to the effect of 3 or 4 times of color light rejuvenation. Combined treatment with radio wave skin pulling, carbon explosion ion and other technologies will achieve more perfect results. Pixel laser’s new thermodynamic mode of skin tissue and unique segmented photosensitive thermal remodeling technology make the treatment mild, safe and comfortable without side effects such as pigmentation. Each treatment is only more than ten minutes without anesthesia and does not affect work and life. It is known as “radio frequency beauty on weekends”. Pixel laser final skin change effect, comprehensively solve all kinds of skin problems.

The excellent performance of RF Beauty method is really commendable. Its original intelligent skin cooling system and automatic energy control system mark that the skin tightening and anti-aging project has entered a high safety era.

In fact, generally speaking, the operation will not have side effects. It is understood that if heat energy is used alone, it is easy to burn the skin and make the cosmetic effect counterproductive. Unlike other skin cooling methods, radiofrequency cooling is used to cool the skin, which does not need to be used to cool the skin in advance. Unlike other skin cooling methods, radiofrequency cooling is used to remove wrinkles and deep skin. In addition, the automatic energy control system of RF wrinkle removal can digitally control the size and release speed of radio wave energy, and can carry out more accurate treatment according to different skin.

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