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How long can you take a bath after laser whole body depilation operation

Now laser hair removal is a very popular medical and aesthetic project. How long can I take a bath after laser hair removal? This is what many little sisters who have done laser hair removal want to know. The following content will have a clear answer.

It’s summer now, especially in the south. High temperature is common. Is it a little uncomfortable if you don’t take a bath all day? Many people say that just after laser hair removal, they can’t take a bath that day. Is that right? How long can I take a bath after laser hair removal?

How long can you take a bath after laser depilation?

You can’t take a bath immediately after laser hair removal, because the laser will have a certain impact on the skin. After hair removal, the skin is very fragile and sensitive, and the skin pores are in an expanded state. If you take a bath immediately, it will stimulate the skin and cause impact, which is not conducive to the recovery of the skin after laser hair removal, and there may be local redness and swelling in the hair removal part, so you should take a bath after the skin recovers.

Generally, you can take a normal bath 24 hours after the operation. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive laser technology, so you can touch water 24 hours later, but try not to have too high water temperature when taking a bath, and you can’t wipe the skin of the operation site with force.

If it is an obvious part, try to avoid exposure to the sun within half a year, take sunscreen measures and reduce sunlight.

Does laser hair removal hurt all over the body?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain. Before laser hair removal, there will be a “irradiation test” stage to determine the patient’s pain. The results of many clinical trials show that most patients only feel “bounced by a rubber band”, and the pain is within an acceptable range

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