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Forearm depilation surgery is painless. It takes several courses of treatment

If a woman’s arm is full of hair, it is very embarrassing. In order to improve this situation, many women will choose to do depilation. How many courses of treatment does it take to depilate their forearm?

In the face of the ugly little hair phenomenon on the upper arm, many female friends feel very painful. If you want to depilate, you can choose laser. How many courses does it take for depilation of the forearm?

How many courses does forearm depilation need?

The depilation condition of laser forearm depilation is very ideal. It often takes 3-5 laser courses to achieve lasting depilation. Due to the light and heat absorption of laser during hair follicle growth and degeneration, it becomes the ideal condition of laser depilation of forearm hair. For beauty seekers, the more melanin, the more destructive it is to hair follicles. After one depilation, the hair will be thinner and thinner. Because the growth of hair goes through three stages: growth period, degenerative period and resting period, it usually goes through 3-5 times, which destroys the hair follicles in this period. There is less pigment in the hair follicles in the degenerative period. Only when the hair follicles become hair follicles in the resting period can they achieve cleaner hair removal. Therefore, laser hair removal needs many times of treatment, so as to achieve the ideal hair removal.

Is laser depilation painless?

  1. Painless: avoiding the thermal damage of epidermis in laser hair removal is the key to painless or not. Laser energy; The freezing point depilation system is protected by a unique cooling device, which can quickly cool the local epidermis, which can not only effectively protect the skin from thermal damage and reduce pain, but also increase the treatment energy and improve the curative effect.
  2. Fast: the light wave mode of freezing point hair removal completely surpasses the traditional laser pulse. Generally, it takes more than ten minutes to half an hour to quickly remove the hair of any part and depth of the human body.
  3. Intelligence: there is a more scientific and intelligent control system for freezing point depilation, which can automatically adjust the laser wavelength according to the color and length of hair, and even remove the fine fluff.
  4. Long term: if you want to get good hair removal effect, you should destroy hair follicles to prevent new hair from growing. Freezing point depilation uses low-energy and high-frequency light beams to directly act on hair follicles. Once depilated, it is difficult to regenerate later.

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